Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

new pantry

Here's the new pantry, aka the old bathroom. We inherited the cabinet from a friend who recently remodeled and painted it candy-apple-red, then searched forever for a white countertop, and eventually ordered a taupe one. This will be a temporary kitchen sink setup for a while untile the new one shows up. It's also a welcome storage space, since our kitchen is soon becoming a major construction zone. I still need to get some pull for the cabinet doors and a little hook for a towel, as you can see above.

goodbye, old wall

This was the very last piece of old wall in our kitchen. The last remnant of the old floor plan. Now nothing is left of the two bedroom apartment we first moved into. This is where our old much maligned trough sink used to reside. For some silly reason I felt a little sad to let it go, and even tried to talk Josh into reusing it in our new pantry. It now rests in our shed until I can think of a good use for it.