Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh, Portland. I was so charmed by you.

Accomodations by the Ace Hotel. Whether I found it tragically hip or just a cool slice of the Portland scene, well I never quite decided. But I know for sure that mural was nice.

We continued to eat ourselves across the Pacific Northwest. Mmm donuts.

Travel by train came highly recommended. So much more enjoyable than flying, and the luxury of sitting back of enjoying the scenery gets missed when your fighting traffic on the interstate.

I was enchanted by the mix of sleek and grunge in this town.

New and old. Staid and seedy.
Perfect weather made everything shimmer, belying the city's more notorious weather patterns.

Lemongrass tofu from a food cart? When can I move here? Thanks for taking me along, Jo.


So, my sister Jo and I decided to go on a trip. Or, rather, I kept egging on Jo to take a trip with me. And then she called my bluff. Boy am I glad she did.

We walked something close to a thousand miles (a day.) We ate. A lot. It's not a bad day when your most difficult decision is what - and how much - to eat.

Did I mention we ate a lot? All of my pictures seem to be of food.

We revisited familiar landmarks, explored some new ones, and caught up with old friends.

It was Jo's first trip to Seattle. She loved the bay, the piers, the gulls. It's from growing up in Michigan. We all love water.

My favorite part of Seattle is the lush green landscaping.

Oh, and the coffee.


You might be wondering where we've been.

Well, we've been busy.

Really, really busy.

(hello, summer.)