Monday, April 11, 2011

handmade: fabric letters and a blanket for mia

Alice June shares the same initials as my grandma, so I wanted them to show up somewhere in her nursery.

I'd planned to buy something but then I realized I could just make my own. These were super easy, fast and addictive to make. I drew my own letters (but you could easily print any font) and printed them out, cut the fabric, topstitched, and then stuffed them. I had some left over tape measure printed trim that I used to make hanging loops. Easy and cute.

Then I made a blanket for a friend's baby girl, Mia. I wanted something a little girly, but not overly so. A pretty Anna Maria Horner print flannel that mixes sweet pink with blues and greens, a white minky back, and dark pink rick rack trim.

Monday, February 21, 2011

manly cupcakes

This year for Josh's birthday I wanted to make manly cupcakes. The manliest of cupcakes. These are Guinness cake with Irish cream frosting. With plain silver cups that look downright stainless. Cue the Tool Time grunting.

The best thing about marrying someone a few years older than you is that they are always, from then on, older than you. If you ever get a little down about how quickly you're aging, just turn your head a little to the right, and just like that: someone even older than you.

Happy Birthday Josh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{ anatomy of a bathroom } tile

We're tiling the floor of our upstairs bathroom. The bathroom I had *hoped* would be done while I was still pregnant so I didn't have to run downstairs in the middle of the night. Now Alice is 5 months old and being up in the middle of the night is old hat.

I like tiling. It's actually one of my favorite projects. There's a natural rhythm to work. Scrape out the mortar, lay some tiles, space them out, check occasionally to make sure the grid is still straight. Place a bunch of whole tiles at once, then some cut work, then back to whole tiles. It's satisfying. And at the end of the day there's a lot to look at, a big plus.

I usually gravitate toward neutrals so that I don't feel locked into a color palette, but this green was just too pretty. It is called Mr. Green Jeans, a medium leafy green with a lot of yellow in it and I love it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{ anatomy of a nursery } handmade

While I was pregnant I got it in my head that I simply must learn to sew. I think it's natural to look down at your growing belly and start daydreaming about what kind of mom you might be, or might like to be. I wanted to be the kind of mom that knew how to make things.

My first sewing project outside of junior high home-ec class was this baby chew toy. It's wonky and full of silly colors and a perfect first project. Alice loves these kinds of toys right now because they don't require much coordination to get them from hand to mouth.

Next up was a swaddling wrap with super soft fleece inside. I went all-out girly on this one. Alice grew out of it approximately 45 seconds after I turned off the sewing machine.

Lastly I made these little monster bookends so that I can rotate out a few books from her collection and display them on top of her dresser. I deviated from the pattern and added (my first!) zippers to the bottoms of these for easier washing. This resulted in only minor cussing.

All of these patterns are from "Simple Sewing for Baby" by Lotta Jansdotter, which is not only full of great pictures and patterns but also illicited the response 'I could actually make that' which I wasn't finding in other books.

100 days

Alice and her friend Dagny were born on the same day in the same hospital, just two hours apart, over three months ago now. Saturday they both turned 100 days old.

We all pitched in and made homemade potstickers (jiaozi) mostly giggling at our poor handiwork, while Dagny's mom Jing made perfect specimens and a whole spread of stir-fried dishes for our celebratory feast.

May both of our girls live for 100 years!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

{ anatomy of a nursery } alice's room

Let's take a little tour, shall we?

Awesome Alice in Wonderland print was a gift from Brooke.

We managed to fit both a crib and a twin-sized bed into her tiny room. I wanted to furnish the nursery with pieces she could grow into. The bed serves as a cozy corner for playing and nursing.

The dresser is vintage danish modern. That it matches the hand-me-down crib is a happy accident. The rug is Flor tiles, cut in half to make narrower stripes.

The closet had to be a work-horse to fit everything we needed into the room. It serves not only as typical storage, but also as changing station, cloth diaper storage, and library. I love her book collection made up of gifts from friends, garage sale finds, and books from my own nursery.

Close-up of the Studio Violet poster that started the color scheme. "You are loved" wall decal by Shanna Murray. I normally find wall decals sort of cheesy or juvenile but her's are so sweet. Red and white quilt made by grandma for my own nursery.

Otomi textiles from our trip to Mexico, a purchase I had to take home with me even though I had no idea where I would use them. I realized the happy colors and animals would be perfect for a baby's room, and matted them with pin-dotted yellow paper to pick up on the polka-dots throughout the room. Pillows, headboard, and bedspread made by me.

The sweet mobile was a gift from a friend, the ikea pendant lamp is purely aesthetic, as it doesn't actually work. I need a functional lamp in here! I'm pretty happy with how the room turned out. I think its pretty close to the inspiration board below, don't you?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9/9/10 was a big day.

Our baby girl was born that day.

One day you're innocently walking around in a gigantic clown dress and the very next you're holding a baby. Nine months of contemplating this still cannot possibly prepare you for it.

We are very happy and healthy and a little tired.