Sunday, November 21, 2010

{ anatomy of a nursery } alice's room

Let's take a little tour, shall we?

Awesome Alice in Wonderland print was a gift from Brooke.

We managed to fit both a crib and a twin-sized bed into her tiny room. I wanted to furnish the nursery with pieces she could grow into. The bed serves as a cozy corner for playing and nursing.

The dresser is vintage danish modern. That it matches the hand-me-down crib is a happy accident. The rug is Flor tiles, cut in half to make narrower stripes.

The closet had to be a work-horse to fit everything we needed into the room. It serves not only as typical storage, but also as changing station, cloth diaper storage, and library. I love her book collection made up of gifts from friends, garage sale finds, and books from my own nursery.

Close-up of the Studio Violet poster that started the color scheme. "You are loved" wall decal by Shanna Murray. I normally find wall decals sort of cheesy or juvenile but her's are so sweet. Red and white quilt made by grandma for my own nursery.

Otomi textiles from our trip to Mexico, a purchase I had to take home with me even though I had no idea where I would use them. I realized the happy colors and animals would be perfect for a baby's room, and matted them with pin-dotted yellow paper to pick up on the polka-dots throughout the room. Pillows, headboard, and bedspread made by me.

The sweet mobile was a gift from a friend, the ikea pendant lamp is purely aesthetic, as it doesn't actually work. I need a functional lamp in here! I'm pretty happy with how the room turned out. I think its pretty close to the inspiration board below, don't you?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9/9/10 was a big day.

Our baby girl was born that day.

One day you're innocently walking around in a gigantic clown dress and the very next you're holding a baby. Nine months of contemplating this still cannot possibly prepare you for it.

We are very happy and healthy and a little tired.