Saturday, November 14, 2009

how could it be nearly 2010?

Have you been to Etsy yet? It is your portal to a marketplace packed full of homemade goodness. Now that you know, you will never need a generic bookstore calendar again.

I've narrowed my 2010 choices down to two contenders:

Simple and colorful letterpress from a long time favorite, Linda and Harriet could be fun and I just love those snowshoes. The images are meant to be cut off at the end of the month and used as a postcard.

I hang my calendar from the side of the fridge. Maybe some wholesome veggie sketches from Claudia Pearson could inspire a year's worth of weeknight dinners:

Last year I went with a clean and colorful kitchen theme from Smack of Jellyfish:

A little better than Twilight pin-ups, don't you think?

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