Thursday, August 12, 2010

{ anatomy of a nursery } inspiration board

I pulled this inspiration board together before we knew if our little one was a boy or a girl. Either way I wanted lots of white, primary colors, and animals. I also hoped to squeeze a little daybed or twin bed into our tiny nursery so that there would be a place where we could all be together. I hate the idea of just having one rocking chair in a nursery and no place for dad to sit. Once we found out we were having a girl I thought I could "femme" this scheme up with lots of red, wood, and polka-dots.
I'm due in just 6 weeks, let's see if I can pull this together before little Sayer comes!

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Brooke Moore said...

I like the way Alice's room is coming together. I'll have to get a few more pics of that next time I'm over.