Saturday, August 7, 2010

one thing leads to another.

So. Much time has passed, and some progress has been made.
While I continue to gather up a few more things for the new nursery (!),
let's divert our attention to the guest room. And grandma Berry's stunning wedding quilt, which has been waiting for a place to shine for years now.

The rooms upstairs are small, so we've left the walls and trim a stark white and added in layers of bright color. The oak floors are the same as what we put in our bedroom, and most all the furnishings we repurposed from other places around the house. The light in this room is wonderful and I sometimes like to take naps in here. As do the cats.

We use the closet area as our equipment storage. At some point I'd like to either hang a curtain over the doorway or, better yet, move the whole storage rack to the basement. Still, this is much improvement from the 1,000 sf of construction space we had last year.

Big things are happening downstairs, too.....

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